Talk to a Member

Compulsive overeating and food addiction are lethal to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Isolation is one way it destroys our lives. If you want to email with a Seacoast region OA member in recovery, please see the information below.


Our email is checked twice daily. A member will reply within 24 hours.

3 thoughts on “Talk to a Member

  1. I heard that their is an individual in Maine that provides service of taking someone thru the 12 steps
    over a weekend. Would anyone be able to find if that service is still available and how I could go about getting contact information? Thank you.

    Colleen M

  2. Yes, we have received information about the following;

    Big Book in 5 Hours Workshop: Metrowest Intergroup’s next Big Book in 5 Hours workshop will be March 4th. Details coming soon at

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