Meeting Resources

Many of the following resources are also available at’s meetings page. They can help meetings grow, thrive, and deal with issues that commonly crop up in groups around the world. Most important, they can help meetings achieve OA’s primary purpose: To carry the message of recovery from compulsive overeating through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous to those who still suffer.

Please contact Seacoast intergroup if you have any questions.

Meeting Format Resources
Tools of Recovery document
Tools of Recovery, abridged version

What does an Intergroup Rep do?
A question we frequently get is “What does an Intergroup Rep do?” You’ll find the answers and also some reason to become one in this description.

12th Step Within Resources
Our members report that when they leave our rooms, what brings them back are the phone calls, emails, and texts that remind them that we miss them, that we care, and that there is a solution. 12th Step Within resources give meetings, or individuals, ways to organize outreach to members who are suffering outside the halls of OA.

Strong Meeting Checklist
Is your meeting strong? This checklist can help you decide. If not, it may be wise to consider a group inventory.

Unity in Diversity Checklist
OA is for anyone with a food compulsion. Is your meeting helping everyone it can and supporting OA’s Unity with Diversity statement? Use this checklist to assess your meeting and find out.

Meeting Inventory
From time to time meetings may wish to take an inventory to ensure they are doing all they can to help members find and maintain the recovery they want. For groups that would like help facilitating a meeting inventory, please contact Seacoast Intergroup.

Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Behavior Affecting Overeaters Anonymous Meetings
These newly revised guidelines shared by World Service in January of 2018—and grounded in the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service—help meetings address disruptive behaviors.

Public Information Guide
Attraction, not promotion is our guiding principle. But you also have to give still-suffering compulsive eaters a way to find your meeting. This brief guide shows how to do it.

Public Information Posters
Hang these professionally designed posters anywhere appropriate so that compulsive eaters can find your meeting.
Pizza poster
Fork poster
Scale poster
Refrigerator poster

Resources for Treasurers
These resources can help treasurers who may have questions.

Guidelines for Creating Local OA Literature
These guidelines are written for groups creating locally produced literature and provide support for keeping such literature within the guidelines of the 12 Traditions.

Seacoast Intergroup Information

Seacoast Intergroup’s Stragetic Plan for 2015-2018.

Seacoast Intergroup bylaws, revised September 2014, for organization and operation of Seacoast Intergroup.

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