Recovery Resources

resources picPlease try these links to find more resources for recovery from compulsive overeating and food addiction. Know of any other great OA-approved resources? Please email us, and we’ll add them to this collection.

OA podcasts where members worldwide describe their experiences

OA virtual workshop podcasts’s Daily Meditations

OA’s PowerPoint presentation on abstinence (see suggestions for accompanying OA literature here)

Strong Abstinence Checklist

“Been Slipping and Sliding” reading/writing tool

Twelve-Stepping a Problem” writing tool for dealing with any kind of life problem.

Recovery Insurance Policy

OA’s online bookstore

Lifeline, OA’s official magazine

The Big Book online

Sponsorship: A Getting-Started Guide (a collection of Seacoast OA members’ experiences)

OA’s Guide to Carrying the Message, suggestions for talking to others about OA

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