Strong Abstinence Checklist

OA's Strong Abstinence Checklist

OA’s Strong Abstinence Checklist

2014 is SeacoastOA’s Year of Abstinence. As if on cue, OA World Service recently passed along an excellent tool, the Strong Abstinence Checklist. Click the link to download a printable PDF.

The Strong Abstinence Checklist includes twelve questions that remind us of the actions we can take to get and keep our abstinence. It also includes twelve questions for written reflection.

Here’s four ways you might find it immediately useful:

  1. Assess your abstinence anytime, anywhere
  2. Ask your sponsor to work through it with you
  3. Work through it with a sponsee to support their abstinence
  4. Use one of its questions as the topic in a discussion-format meeting.

This checklist has been added to our website and can be found on our Recovery Resources page. Please feel free to distribute it at your meetings—it is OA approved.