What Do You Want Seacoast OA to Look Like in the Future?

By Eric C.

Do you ever think how lucky we are to have OA in this area? Me too. And when I think about keeping it strong, I think of OA’s responsibility pledge:

“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible.”

We’re all in this thing together, and our 2014 Year of Abstinence has proven how powerful that togetherness can be when we’re working toward a common goal. We’re accomplishing a lot! Our new Thursday evening meeting, two workshops (register for “Freedom Isn’t Free” here!), the new website, and more.

But what happens in 2015 when a new group of intergroup officers takes over? It doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be on their shoulders alone to keep the momentum going. What if, instead, all of us in Seacoast OA could find a way to suggest a direction for future intergroup officers to go in? Good news: together we can!

Together we can draft a plan that guides future intergroups’ activities toward a shared goal of a growing OA in the Seacoast, ensure it thrives, and making us as effective at possible in getting the word out about recovery. Remember the survey we did last autumn? It’s a basis for planning ahead. The survey told us that abstinence was the number one thing our members want help with. But it wasn’t the only thing. They wanted more about the Steps. About sponsoring. About how to live a food-sober life. We can take that information, all the feedback we’ve gotten this year, OA’s own strategic plan, and the principles of our program to create a long-term strategic plan that supports out current groups and members and helps newcomers find the recovery they want.

Our intergroup has begun drafting just such a plan. Click here to download it for your own review. But this plan shouldn’t only be from or for our officers. It’s from and for all of us. That’s why we need your input—because it’s your intergroup.

This is really important stuff, and it’s great service too. I know it sounds abstract, that words like “Strategic Plan” aren’t sexy. Especially when we’re taking things one day at a time! But as many a sponsor says: Failing to plan is planning to fail. We need your help. Here’s what we’re asking you and your home group to do.

1.)   Schedule your August business meeting or a special ad hoc meeting before the August 9th Seacoast Intergroup meeting.

2.)   Before that, download and review the draft of the Strategic Plan, think about it from the point of view of your own recovery, from the perspective of a newcomer, and from the perspective of an intergroup officer attempting to bring that plan to life.

3.)   At that next home-group business meeting, discuss and give your collective feedback to your intergroup representative. They will bring those thoughts to the next intergroup meeting. (If you don’t have an intergroup rep, please elect one, or send someone in a temporary capacity on August 9th.)

4.)   If you have additional feedback you’d like to provide the intergroup with, attend the August 9th meeting or speak with one of the officers before then (Eric C., Chris M., Madeleine J., Robbie L., or Nancy K.).

Together, we will provide future intergroup officers with direction to match our primary purpose. It is not up to one of us but to all of us to help our own recoveries and others’ by making our intergroup as effective as possible at carrying the OA message.

Thank you for your service!