Share your experience in 2015!

Reach out, share your experience

You have to give it away if you want to keep it.

This year, SeacoastOA wants to hear about your OA experiences! We hope to post OA member experiences as frequently as possible in 2015 to help as many compulsive eaters as we can. You can help by sending us a little nugget of your experience!

We’ve made it easy to share. We’re looking for quick, inspirational experiences, not whole stories. These will be completely anonymous, no names attached. This is open to our local members as well as anyone in the OA fellowship who stops by our site and wants to join in. We’re glad to hear from all those joining us on the road to happy destiny!

Here’s all you have to do.

1.) Pick a topic—Here are some suggestions:

  • Getting Abstinent
  • Staying Abstinent
  • Why I Keep Coming Back
  • Step of the Month
  • Tradition of the Month
  • My Favorite Tool
  • Sponsoring
  • Being Sponsored
  • The Rewards of Service
  • The Power of the Fellowship
  • one of your own choosing.

2.) Write 300 to 600 words—One side of a piece of paper or both.

3.) Send it to us whichever way is most convenient:

  • Email—
  • Snail mail—Seacoast OA, Box 666, York, ME  03909
  • Hand delivery—Eric C. or Barbara B.

4.) Relax and take it easyWe’ll proofread it carefully, and we will safeguard your anonymity by withholding your name.

That’s it!

If you enjoy it, send us another! There’s no limit on how many of these little nuggets we’ll accept from one individual.

If you have any questions at all, drop a line to Member experiences are the most popular kinds of content on our website, and we hope that in 2015 we can provide many more of them. Ideally, we would share one a week, but even one fortnightly or monthly will help a lot of people.

We have to give our recovery away if we want to keep it, and sharing is one of the most basic ways we do service. It helps your recovery, those of our local members, newcomers, and those outside the Seacoast region who visit our site each day (and they do!). Please share what you’ve learned with others.

Thanks in advance for your service,

The team at